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Edoria is digital board strategy game about building. expanding and growing a nation - that's currently being developed by lumisoft. The game is based in modern era where you take part as one of 16 nation leaders that are split into 4 factions. Each faction has a similar end goal - structure of dominance where all faction members have to work together to build it by manufacturing and harvesting goods, providing workforce and energy resources. Edoria is played between 3 different boards that represent 3 different game modes - Build Map, World Map and War Map.
Build Map -gives you control over your country. From building and managing cities to educating your nation and manufacturing High-Tech goods. Build map gives you control over economy and wellbeing of your nation. Build and research army, import and export goods. With game’s main currency being money – economical strategy plays huge part of Edoria. Wellbeing of you citizens determines growth. Produce enough water and electricity to keep your buildings running. Grow or import enough food to prevent your nation from starving and fleeing to other nations. From micro to macro management – every decision counts.
World Map – gives your overview of the world. Explore the land and claim land tiles. Every tile store different resources that determine what your country will be able to manufacture and how you will be able to help towards the end goal. Exploration costs workforce and resources. Claim newly discovered tiles by purchasing land deeds or claim land from other players by declaring war (which gives both players ten in game days to prepare). Resources are scattered around the map in random matter and every nation is placed randomly on board. Explore the land and find other nations to unlock trade routes.
War Map – is a turn-based combat game mode between two players where their decks sustain of army tiles produced in army base (Build Map). Game starts with both players being drawn 5 random tiles of their deck. Every turn each player have to place a tile on combat board, move every tile that’s already on board or attack an enemy tile that’s in range. Every army tile is different based on type and attachments that can be research in army base. This determines move range and attach range, as well as health and damage of each tiles.
Multiplayer – currently game’s main focus is on multiplayer where you can create parties with your friends and play as one faction or be paired with random players around the world. Multiplayer will give you unique experience every time where every players game style differentiates.
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